Sometimes, people with the worst pasts end up creating the best futures


Bang bang, that awful sound 
Bang bang, my baby shot me down

changmin fell asleep while recording a sleeping scene ಥ‿ಥ

Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx want everyone to catch a sneak peek of their new movie, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ at the MTV Movie Awards. Englishman Andrew Garfield makes sure the British audience gets the message too. (x)



SuJu + exchanging eye contact game = hilarity
Part1 (SM, DH, LT) | Part2 (YS, SW, HG)

who is on your team, captain?

someone give Kim Soo Hyun a handshake


Don’t you love celebrities making fun of rumours?

Super Junior is not only a “main group” who has “guest” members. 

Super Junior is a family.

A family consisting of 15 members.

basically chocolate is better than getting laid  (◠△◠✿)

kimheenim: Kyak DBSK has made a comeback <Spellbound>. You will always feel good when listening to ‘spellbound’. Tom Cruise’s daughter is ‘Suri Cruise’, our Hongki’s drama is ‘Magic kid Masuri’ etc. It’s a beautiful phrase. Yurobbong, Dorobbong, Xrobbong..^-^ Yunho this kid who made me nicknames which cannot be mentioned on broadcasts I love you, Changmin who wore a strawberry mask backwards while playing with Kyuhyun I love you too. This photo is taken to commemorate an incident 12 years ago where Yunho’s crush mistaken me as his girlfriend and rejected him, causing him so much pain. Hey by the way was spicy chicken ramen always this spicy? Ah my tongueㅠㅠ Ah the temper is risingㅡㅡAh spicy (cr: heartheesubs)